Cargo/ Donations Shuttle Romania – Odessa, UA

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moving cargo  from specific receiving facilities in Romania into Odesa only

This help organisation has fixed routings with busses going in to Odesa empty (collecting refugees).

  1. Step one – send us below details 
    commercial invoice with unit description, unit cost identified for every line item
    how packed, ie one pallet,,,, 4 boxes, etc etc
    weight of pallet or of each box
    full pallet dims
    each box dims
    ultimate consignee details ( ODESA ONLY )  and contact info  and any due date we are aiming for
    if any hazmat items,  MSDS for each item
  2. Step two – our team reviews the list of above
    Full consignee details to use
    Description on how cargo will move
  3. Step three –  you let us know
    carrier and tracking details of shipped cargo
    date and ETA at consignee in Romania
  4. Step four – we let you know
    cargo is received
    cargo is underway to Ukraine
    Cargo is delivered to your consignee


These steps ensure that the right cargo arrives at the right location.   There is one location for larger palletized cargo and another location for smaller cargo like a truck of individual boxes.

Between the consignee receiving location in Romania and delivery point in Ukraine, the cargo is not insured and there is no guarantee that anything will make it to the intended destination.  We have a proven system in place, but its a war zone and anything can happen at any time.  We are getting daily reports, images collaborating with other registered help organsiations.

Get in touch with Mark, Matt or Zoran.