Village Orlivshchyna, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, Ukraine, build a basecamp since the first day of war, with volonteers, local civilians, they did resque, evacuation, the area is an important hub for refugees from all the conflict zone in East Ukraine, they need supplies for the refugees that are passing their center, from Harkov, Mariupol, Donbass!!!

they were also bombed, the conflict area is very near them, Dnipro (airport bombed already).

They need a van to make possible the transportation from Orlivshchyna to Odessa and back, with supplies for all region, they will use the van also for evacuating civilians and for transporting provisions for them and for all the villages around,

they have no more supplyes and no more cars that are not bombed...

They organise it until now as you see in the instagram video, they cant keep up with the events, they have no more food and medical resources,

the only chance to get to them is with a van that will stay there, loaded with humanitarian aid.

We could transport it to Odessa with the help of Odessa guvernor and they could pick up the van from there.

We will collect also through,

an association that was organised by ukrainean film producer Olena Yershova Yershova

and film producer and distributor Pascal Traechslin

Paypal: [email protected]
or to our bank account:
Support Ukraine Basel
IBAN: CH4809000000158600005 / BIC:POFICHBEXXX
PostFinance AG, Mingerstrasse 20, CH-3030 Bern

Contact direct Village Orlivshchyna: +38050-770-9047 Вадим (Vadim Holobok)

+38099-774-0247 Вадим

+38066-044-0899 дружина Ліля

Мешкаємо у 50 км від міста Дніпро у напрямку на Донецьк.

Romanian Parteners: Asociatia Earth’s Angels, Centru de Resurse Civice Constanta;
Contact for Romania: Acsente Aniela +40757039652 Acsente Eduard +40740618088, Roberta Șerban +40727182407

The list of requirements:
Ukrainian volunteers together with Romanians unite and create a center for collecting and sending humanitarian aid to Ukraine
1 hemostatic – hemostatice
2 occlusal sticker – occlusive board for wounds
3 plaits – garou
4 tourniquets – for tourniquets
5 atraumatic scissors
6 permanent marker-marker permanent
7 bnt with hemostatic – BNT hemostatic
8 citramon- nurofen (citramon)
9 catheter G14 (largest size) – catheter G14, the biggest
10 nasopharyngeal tube -tub nasofarigian
11 bandage – big, for arms and body
12 thermo blanket – isotherm (for burden people)

21 ascorbic acid – vitamin C
22. first aid kit –
Gel anti-burn  and solutions with large capacities –
Betadine – betadina
Albumin 20% – albumin 20%
Pantestin meromestin ointment!
Hemocons for blood storage
Central venous catheters -catetere venoase centrale
Urinary catheters 14-16-18 – catetere urinare 14-16-18
Systems for infusomats – perfuzii cu heparina
Analgesics in ampoules all that is – analgezice fiole
1 scotch tape – scoci
2 cardboard boxes – cutii de carton
3 disposable tableware – vase si tacamuri de unica folosinta
4 wet wipes – servetele umede
5 antiseptic wipes – servetene disinfectant
6 dry wipes – prosoape hartie
7 strips female – absorbante de dama
8 pens- pixuri
9 notebook – caiete
10 A4 paper- hartie A4
11 SCOTTISH YELLOW – banda izoler galbena
12 SCOTTISH BLUE – banda izoler albastra
13 sticks-mixers – betisoare de amestecat
14 glasses – pahare prosoape hartie
16 socks- sosete
18 rechargeable batteries – baterii R3, R6, R9, R20
19 canisters of 10-20 l for fuel – canister 10-20L
21 electric kettles – ceainice electrice
22 thermoses – thermos
23 film black film for dugouts – ceolofan negru gros rola
24 construction stapler – capsator de constructii
26 staples for construction stapler – capse pentru capsator constructii
27 walkie-talkies
28 mobile phone – telefoane mobile
Household goods – products for hygiene
1 Large garbage bags – saci gunoi mari
2 Detergents – detergents
3 toothpaste- toothpaste
4 soap soaps
Food products
1 loaf of bread- BREAD NECESSITYES
2 cheeses – branza
3 sausage- carnati, salami
4 rolls- chifle
5 chocolates
6 cookies- fursecuri
8 canned food
9 pate – pateuri
10 ground natural coffee – cafea macinata
11 cigarettes – tigari
12 butter – unt si derivatives
13 nuts- nuci
14 dried fruits – dried fruits
15- military products (thermal underwear, military boots, military implants, sleeping bags, panes, lanterns)

We need to help them as soon as possible, while there is still possible.  Every day means more conflict around them, we need to make sure they have their own car to transport people, their own supplies.


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